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Josh Girard, a General Contractor licensed in Oregon, has been helping clients design renovations and building superior types of improvements at homes and businesses. Be sure to check out the home renovations, bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodeling, and outdoor living services we provide.

His experience includes working in the Armed Services to construct specific buildings during his service in the Marines. His work received accolades from all branches of the services.

At your home, or your business, Girard Builders will accomplish your renovations and improvements with the upmost care and expertise.

BIM - Building Information Modeling

Building information modeling (BIM) is a powerful process used in today’s construction. Modern hardware and software give us the opportunity to review drawings from offices, construction sites and even airports. The information in a BIM model facilitates understanding the intent of the design team and communication with the contractor and specialty trades.

Designing and building is a complex process that requires a tremendous amount of collaboration, dedication and hard work. Using the BIM process of gathering the right data at the right time and giving it to the right people can be very challenging.

These days, accessing information is so easy that there is always the possibility of having too much information. There is the misconception that you “just push a button” and the model will give you the answers you need. In reality, it’s much more complicated. We need to maintain certain controls during the process. We also need team members with excellent problem-solving skills and the ability to think two-dimensionally on paper, then three-dimensionally in the BIM model and, finally, into the real world of a building under construction.

Decision Making Process
We all are familiar with the acronym GIGO: garbage in, garbage out. BIM is no exception. Everyone in the design process needs to be careful about the information put into the BIM model. Once information is in the model, it can stay there for the life of a project and potentially can create confusion and more work later. It’s important that the data is as accurate as possible and is maintained as changes are made.

Timing is Essential
Along with accurate and up-to-date information, the point at which information is added to the model is just as important. If it’s entered too early, the information may become stale or irrelevant. For example, you do not want to input information pertaining to interior finishes when the building is still in conceptual design. However, if the information is entered too late, well, it’s just too late and critical pieces are not available for others to make timely decisions.

People Make Construction Happen
The construction site is a very dynamic place to be. New processes and tools such as BIM are making big strides in how the process occurs for the first conceptual thought and continuing through the lifespan of the building. We need to remember that BIM does not solve all construction coordination issues; however, people, collaborative teamwork and the advantages of BIM help us create an open and transparent process for team members to design and build successful projects.

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